Seminyak Bali Villas Styles and Facilities

The price range of Seminyak Bali villas vary over a wide spectrum. These differences are mainly based on the size of the property and the different amenities that each type of villa offers. These differences make the villas popular among visitors since the preferences and paying power of customers also vary across a wide range. Every customer can remain assured of certain basic amenities in these villas.

For example, almost all bedrooms in Seminyak will be air-conditioned irrespective of their size. Every bedroom will also have a walk-in closet, and will be furnished with queen-size double beds. Bedrooms will also have a plasma TV.

However, the living areas in all villas need not necessarily be air-conditioned because keeping living areas open is very common in conventional Bali architecture. Further, in many villas, living areas are built almost as an extension of the swimming pool, merging with its boundaries. As such, it is not possible to enclose these spaces within walls.

The proximity to the swimming pool, and the ceiling fans above, keep the living area cool and people enjoy having their meals in these open areas since it gives the feeling of al fresco dining. Bamboo screens are used in some villas to cover the spaces against unwanted sunlight and wind.

Every bedroom will have an en-suite bathroom, and bathrooms in Seminyak villas are typically spacious. Bathrooms will have a tub, hand showers, double vanity, large mirrors in carved frames, and sometimes an extra showering space also. Bathrooms may or may not be air-conditioned, because, like open living areas, open bathrooms are also a hallmark of Bali. In some villas, there will be a door-less space opening to a beautiful walled garden.

In larger properties, the entire wall of one side of the bathroom may be absent with a high-walled garden on that side. In upstairs bathrooms, the concept of open bathroom is maintained by keeping the roof partially open.

Open showers in the garden are also found in many Seminyak properties. These are mostly roofless enclosures. Rarely though, there may be a wall-less showering space in the center of a garden enclosed by high walls. Many villas in Bali are designed to host weddings. There are sprawling villas with 8 bedrooms or more and large halls, fit for accommodating a large number of guests.

Some of these larger villas may be in the midst of undulating rice fields, some may be atop cliffs, some may be at the beachfront, and some may be near upscale areas of Seminyak close to shopping centers and posh restaurants. Each has its own type of charm, and brides and grooms choose the villa based on their affinity to water or heights or greenery.

All villas, big or small, will have a well-equipped kitchen where the occupants can cook their own meals if they prefer that. In some villas, kitchen may also be partly open like the bathroom. Probably because of the tropical climate and proximity to the sea, the style of keeping rooms open and facilitating air circulation is found in everything that the Balinese build.

Foods To Avoid As You Age

Aging is an inevitable and a natural process which you will have to go through. There is no way that you can stop the process of aging but there are ways and means to slow down the process somewhat. To begin with there are certain types of food that you should avoid if at all possible.

For the best anti-aging diet, it is vital that you limit foods that can harm your body. Stick to these guidelines and it should be fairly easy:

Avoid sugar as much as possible.

Eating excess sugar is not only bad for your health as it increases your blood sugar levels, and causes them to radically fluctuate. Furthermore the extra calories could make you insulin resistant, resulting in type 2 diabetes. Diabetes damages your blood vessels can lead to heart disease and all manner of other ailments. Basically, less sugar, equals better health.

Do not consume too much high-fat meat, high-fat dairy, and bakery treats. The saturated fat found in these foods is mainly responsible for blocked arteries, which can lead to heart problems.

Limit salt.

Excess sodium can raise your blood pressure. Excessive consumption of salt causes water retention in the body. The body and the face look excessively bloated. Over time, high blood pressure can damage many parts of your body, including kidneys, your eyes, and brain. Try to limit your sodium intake to about a teaspoon a day (2400 mg).

Fuel Your Body with Nutrients

For steady, consistent energy, try to eat three modest-sized meals a day or else you can split these three meals into 4-6 smaller meals, and have healthy snacks available for between meals. Drink ample water. Keep your body hydrated at all times. Have a rich antioxidant diet. This helps to fight the signs of aging effectively and thus helps to slower the process of aging.